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We offer high quality Shoutcast & IceCast streaming services. 


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How it works
What do I need to get started?

Second Life Account

To get stream service, only thing you need is a Second Life account.

Linden Dollars Accepted

You can start your stream rental with in-world payment terminals.

Enjoy The Quality!

After paying in-world terminal, your account details will be sent immediately to make you enjoy the quality right away.

Stream your favorite music

Do you want to share your favorite music with your friends, club visitors or customers? Get a stream today!

Create and share playlists

Auto DJ enabled packages comes with different storage options which allows you to create playlist and upload MP3 files.


Streaming plans to choose from

You can choose a plan for you! For more plans, see Pricing page.




Our basic package for can’t-miss entertainment.




Our most-wanted plan, stream to medium-size groups!

Most wanted




Appropriate for clubs, events!

Try our Auto DJ Feature

Do you need 7/24 Music Stream on Your Club, Land, Store? 

You can make it possible with our Auto DJ enabled packages! We offer 1GB, 5GB and 10GB options. 

You can create & schedule playlists to play all the day! 

What our awesome customers say

I love the stream, it’s very well made no one has issues listening to my set. I will promote this stream to everyone I know and on my website. 🙂

Angelina Lerintzo

Feels like 10 people work there because the service is so fast and impeccable. We have our 24/7 radio broadcasting using ONAIR, and it is so smooth and so clear, with NO issues. This will be everyone’s favorite stream service~


No comment yet..

....... Resident
Have questions? We’ve got answers.

To get started, visit our in-world store and pay the terminals!

Link to Store: 


After you pay the terminal, stream password and all details will be delivered with a notecard. 

To get custom stream URL for your rental, please contact with us in-world. 

You will get your stream URL ready in 24 hours. 

To create playlist, please make sure that you bought Auto DJ enabled stream package. 

If you have one, please login to control panel and see “Manage Playlists > Create A New Playlist” menu. Choose a name for your playlist and upload MP3s with web-based panel.

You can request a special package according to your needs. 

Contact with us in-world. Send your needs with a notecard. 

If you need technical assistance with your stream, please submit a ticket.

Visit support.onair-sl.com to submit a new ticket.